About Danielle

Why hello there! My name’s Danielle and I like to travel (no shit sherlock).

By day, I am a 21 year old average girl living in a small sleepy Essex town, commuting to London every day to do really exciting things… like be a UK tax advisor.

By night (…or weekends/days off work/public holidays), I am a travel mad, skyscanner addict who can’t bloody shut up about my desperate need to travel the world.

In 2015 when I realised that my friends and family are bored of listening to me continually talking about our beautiful planet and where I want to explore, I thought it was time to set up a little travel blog. I read enough of them, so why not join the party!

I’ll try not to bore you too much. I can’t promise much though! 😉

What to know more about me? Find out how you can contact me here!

Where have I been?

24 countries and counting!

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  1. Austria,
  2. Cyprus,
  3. Czech Republic,
  4. Denmark,
  5. England,
  6. France,
  7. Germany,
  8. Hungary,
  9. Italy,
  10. Macedonia,
  11. Malta,
  12. Netherlands,
  13. Poland,
  14. Portugal (plus islands - Madeira),
  15. Scotland,
  16. Slovenia,
  17. Spain (plus islands - Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzerote, Majorca, Menorca),
  18. Sweden,
  19. Switzerland,
  20. Turkey,

North America:

  1. Canada
  2. Mexico,
  3. United States (Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, New York)


  1. Morocco (Coming soon: March 2017)

Next Stop:

World domination.


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Thanks for commenting on my blog – so happy I’ve found yours 🙂 will be a reader for sure!!

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