2nd November 2016


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Today I turn 22! *runs around the house singing Taylor Swift’s song 22*.

Today is actually a bit of a rubbish day because I have exams and no real celebratory plans as I’ve been so busy studying, but I’m sure I’ll get round to doing something (thanks RyanAir for this encouragement)!

In true blogger style, I thought I’d set out my 22 goals for being 22!

1. Take Another Solo Trip

At the age of 20 I took my first solo trip and it was one of the best experiences of my life. The year of being 21 was a hectic one and I never got to do another solo tip (I VERY nearly made it to Norway but everything was cancelled at the last minute).

2. Keep Saving Money For An Epic Adventure

With plans in motion for a travel adventure spanning a few months, I need to keep my savings going! I’m yet to set a goal for the year but know that it will be a big one! I’d quite like to come back from my travels with enough savings still in the bank to start looking for a home!

3. Take This Blog More Seriously

In April, I set myself the goal of uploading every Wednesday and Sunday. It’s safe to say that I didn’t stick to this plan at all. Over the next year, I want to really try and stick to this schedule and keep a constant upload scheme.

4.  Improve My Photography

I have a bad habit of trying to snap a picture of something whilst walking or quickly taking a picture and then walking away. Then when I get home and try to edit my photos, everything is seriously wonky, not focused properly and I end up so annoyed at myself. I love having photos of everything, so I want to make sure they are good!

5. Pick Up My Scrapbook

In 2015 I bought a load of tools to begin scrap-booking but didn’t get very far after this blog (and social media) became my favourite way of documenting my life – I want to start printing my photos and having a big book of memories to flick through.

6. Travel Outside of Europe

My recent travels have seen me stick to Europe mainly due to time restraints, this year I want to venture outside of my little Europe bubble (no matter how much I love it) and explore a new continent. I am heading to Toronto in December but having already visited North America multiple times, I’m not sure whether this counts!

7. Become a Chartered Tax Advisor

A few of you may know that I have been training to become a Tax Advisor since leaving school at 18 and declining my place to study at university. In 2015 I became a qualified member of the ATT (Assosiation of Taxation Technicians) and this should be the year that I finish all of my exams and become a member of the CIOT (Chartered Institute of Taxation)!

8. I really want my bloody braces off. 

This isn’t really a goal that I can reach for, it’s more of a hope. I will be the happiest human in the world if these big ugly metal bricks came off my teeth. In September 2010, I naively paid to have these monstrosities put on my teeth in an attempt to be super vain and get straighter teeth (they were already fairly straight). 6 years later, one dodgy orthodontist and a lot of pain, my teeth are worse than they’ve ever been but hopefully this is the year of fixed teeth!

9. Drink More Water

This is probably the most boring goal, but everyone tells me off for not drinking enough. So this one is for you Mum/Dad/Rest of Family/Callum/Emily.

10. Whilst Drinking More, Maybe Get A Bit Fitter While I’m At It

Working in an office has taken a serious toll on my weight and I want to start doing a little bit more to tone up and get in better shape. A quick jog for the train now leaves me out of breath… oops.

11. Conquer A Fear

It sounds ridiculous but I have a real phobia of fish and all other sea creatures. Before I go on my trip spanning a few months, I want to find a way to conquer or at least control my absolutely irrational phobia. I’m not a massive fan of paying a therapist tonnes of money to basically torture me… any advice welcome!

12. Get Rid of Unnecessary Things

I feel like my bedroom is just so cluttered. I want to get rid of absolutely everything that I don’t need, start completely a fresh and have extra space. It would be nice to not have every drawer bursting with unnecessary crap.

13. Whilst I’m At It… Create A Capsule Wardrobe

I want to invest more in decent clothes and accessories instead of drowning in stuff that I have picked up on a whim and don’t really love.

14. Volunteer

This year I was meant to be heading to Africa to volunteer with endangered rhinos but I had to cancel the trip due to study/work commitments (you can read the full plan/cancellation story here) – boo! This year I want to start doing some volunteer work a bit closer to home (but probably still focusing on animals because I’m a sucker for a little furry face).

15. Make The Most of Every Moment

I find myself spending weekends at home just dreaming about exploring the world. I need to put some plans into motion, explore more of the UK and make solid plans for every weekend. As all the kids are saying these days “you only live once”!

16. Double My Social Media Following

In line with taking my blog more seriously, I also want to take the social media tasks that come with running a blog more seriously. At the moment, I spend more time on my personal accounts than I do my blog accounts (Instagram & twitter) and that needs to change!

17. Practice A New Language 

A year or so ago, I became OBSESSED with DuoLingo and was practising German on my commutes to London every day, I’ve slowly slipped out of the habit but I want to start learning more basic phrases/conversational pieces. Although I’m thinking of switching to Spanish given that my extended travel plans look like they are going to be in South America!

18. Learn How To Chill Out (… Without Falling Asleep)

I need to stop getting so wrapped up in work, studies, back to back travels etc. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to relax and procrastinate. At the moment I have two modes: 100% full power turbo or asleep. I need to find the middle ground!  It would be nice to make it through a whole film without falling asleep!

19. Make Some Epic Memories With My Hella Epic Friends

I’m an avid believer that when it comes to friendship, it’s all about quality rather than quantity and I’m pretty damn lucky to have some absolute babes that I get to call my buddies! At the moment, we all live scattered across the UK (to name a few – Essex, Norwich, Portsmouth and even the Isle of Scilly!), so it takes a bit more planning and organising to get us all together but it’s definitely worth it!

20. Get a Few More Kitchen Skills

I’m not looking to become the next Gordon Ramsey… but being able to make more than beans on toast would be fantastic.

21. Treasure People

This year, I suddenly said goodbye to someone very special to me and I live every day in regret for not treasuring her more towards the end of her life. Don’t take people for granted, they won’t be around forever. If they ask you to make plans, do it… there might not be tomorrow.

22. Just Enjoy This Year

I seem to have a good year, then a bad year, then a good year etc. etc. 2014 (age 19) and 2016 (age 21) were both awful years for me personally. 2017 (age 22), please please please live up to the heights of 2015 (age 20).

Do you have any plans you want to accomplish this year?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and all thoughts are my own.
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5 responses to “22 GOALS FOR BEING 22!”

  1. Sarah says:

    Happy birthday, lovely!! I just had my birthday as well (yay scorpios lol) and I’ve been reflecting and thinking of goals, too. I defo also always have the water goal every new year, haha. It sounds like you have so many exciting travel/life plans up your sleeve – I can’t wait to see how it pans out! If you’re looking to head out of Europe, you should go to Morocco, it’s not that much further away than many European destinations…and then I could jealously stalk your photos as I want to go back there, haha. I also grew up pretty close to Toronto so I can say good luck with the cold december weather 😛 My friends and I always wanted to go to Toronto for new years before we turned 21 (as the drinking age is 18 there) but we never ended up making it…I hope you have an amazing time!

  2. Jen Isaac says:

    Hope you had a faaaabulous 22nd

  3. Happy Birthday, Danielle!
    It’s crazy how similar we are, so this list was like (almost) reading something I would write! I’d love to take a solo trip, but I think that is way too terrifying for me at the minute, though, I almost booked a trip for myself to Copenhagen, because Shane couldn’t go with me and my friends are rubbish at travelling unless they’re lying on a sunbed for a week – boooo! I really wanted to go to Norway between Christmas and New Year, but it was working out way too expensive. Toronto sounds amazing though!
    I went through this crazy phase of being completely addicted to duolingo a few months back learning French (as we’d probably be stopping there quite a bit with our campervan trips, and after being shouted at by an old french lady while in Annecy about a car, we decided it would be a good idea to know some french haha).
    Oh, and good luck with your exams!
    xo April | April Everyday

  4. Georgina Goodman says:

    happy belated birthday!

    Hope you manage to achieve them all 😀


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