About Danielle

Why hello there! My name’s Danielle and I like to travel (no shit sherlock).

By day, I am a 20-something  girl living in a small sleepy Essex town, commuting to London every day to do really exciting things… like be a UK tax advisor.

By night (…or weekends/days off work/public holidays), I am a travel mad, skyscanner addict who can’t bloody shut up about my desperate need to travel the world.

When I realised that my friends and family are bored of listening to me continually talking about our beautiful planet and where I want to explore, I thought it was time to set up a little travel blog. I read enough of them, so why not join the party! I’ll try not to bore you too much. I can’t promise much though! 😉

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Where have I been?

34 countries and counting!


  1. Austria,
  2. Belgium
  3. Cyprus,
  4. Czech Republic,
  5. Denmark,
  6. England,
  7. France,
  8. Germany,
  9. Hungary,
  10. Italy,
  11. Luxembourg,
  12. Macedonia,
  13. Malta,
  14. Northern Ireland,
  15. Netherlands,
  16. Poland,
  17. Portugal (plus islands – Madeira),
  18. Scotland,
  19. Slovenia,
  20. Spain (plus islands – Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzerote, Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza),
  21. Sweden,
  22. Switzerland,
  23. Turkey,

South America:

  1. Argentina,
  2. Bolivia,
  3. Chile (including Easter Island),
  4. Ecuador (including the Galapagos Islands),
  5. Peru

North America:

  1. Canada,
  2. Mexico,
  3. United States (Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, New York)


  1. Morocco,
  2. South Africa


  1. Japan