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The Nomination

Whilst I don’t think that I’m all that versatile (more of a travel-mad-weirdo), I have miraculously been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you to the super lovely Sarah at “Sarah C C Bence” for my nomination! You should definitely check out her blog (and her Twitter and Pinterest while you’re at it).

The Small Print

There’s always a catch with these awards. In fact, they seem a bit like those chain emails people used to send round through fear of bad things happening to us! This time, the “catch” isn’t so bad: I nominate a handful of blogs to receive the award next and also share seven fun facts about myself. Easy peasy.

I don’t think I’ve ever properly introduced myself on this blog, so this seems like the perfect way to do it!

7 Things About Me

1) Whilst I’m a travel maniac, I am not a full-time traveller (sigh). Instead, I live in a small town in Essex and commute to London every day to fulfil my day job of being a UK Tax Advisor (sounds riveting, I know). I’m completing my exams to become a chartered tax advisor at the moment and will hopefully be done by July 2017 – yippee!

2) I have a super, huge, irrational fear of fish and other sea-creatures. Nobody knows what traumatic incident I had a child to spark this fear but my earliest memory is crying at a “You’ve Been Framed” video where a little boy had been fishing and was proudly holding his latest catch, only for the fish to flop into his mouth – I cringe just typing this. If anyone has some therapy techniques to get over completely irrational fears, let me know! I feel like I’m missing out by not being able to go in the sea!

3) One of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make was declining my place at university. I started an apprenticeship instead and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who isn’t sure that university is the right option for them! I’m now 21, almost a qualified tax advisor and have 3 years of experience over graduates my age who are coming into the same field. Doesn’t seem like a big scary decision at all anymore!

4) I don’t watch TV at all. Unless I get addicted to something and then I absolutely binge-watch the hell out of it on Netflix. I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed of the fact that I watched every single episode of Gossip Girl in 2 months. I’m currently binge-watching Pretty Little Liars…

5) I can’t stand selfies. Big group selfies during a fun day with your friends is fine, but I’ve never felt the need to pick up my phone and snap 50 photos of myself just randomly… I don’t understand it. So you are much more likely to see me behind the camera rather than in front of it!

6) Similarly, I can’t stand watching myself on video (especially when I’m speaking), so don’t expect an Escaping Essex YouTube channel anytime soon! I had perfectly fine teeth as a child, just a tad wonky (like any normal human being). But I was vain and decided to fork out money to have braces (the NHS refused to pay as my treatment was deemed “cosmetic” – which is fair enough!). 6 years and 1 dodgy orthodontist later, the braces are still with me, my teeth are worse than ever and my jaw doesn’t sit together properly – I can’t bear to see it move on video! The Essex accent doesn’t help much either ;-).

7) I have an un-diagnosed fainting disorder – Doctors have done all the tests known to man and can’t work out whats “wrong” with me. One minute I’m standing and perfectly fine, the next I’m unconscious with no recollection of the past 10 minutes. It’s almost a party trick.

My Nominations

And in no particular order, I award the Versatile Blogger Award to the following lovely people:

  1. Grace (Finding Graceland) – For being one hell of an epic bestie. Also for writing this post about me and another friend last year that still makes my stone cold heart happy (if you can’t tell, I’m sassy but secretly sweet Sophie).
  2. April (April  Everyday) – For being one of the most welcoming people I’ve come across since blogging! And for having a lust-worthy insta <3.
  3. Yaya & Lloyd (Hand Luggage Only) – Two more very welcoming faces. Even though these guys are “mega bloggerz” with a whole army of followers, they are two of the nicest, funniest guys! Their tweets/snapchats have me cracking up!
  4. Ashley (Adventure To Anywhere) – Does it count if me and Ashley found each others blogs because were were both nominated by Sarah for this award? Oh well, I’m nominating her again for having a god damn fabulous blog.
  5. Jaime (Angloyankophile) – So many gorgeous photos. Jaime is the Queen of the camera, you only have to open her Instagram to see that!
  6. Rhiannon (The Gypsy Heart Travels) – Her recent posts about Amsterdam have made me want to go back!
  7. Sarah (Moon and Forest) – Sarah is posting every other day in October (I am in awe), so there’s plenty of amazing content to check out right now!
  8. Cat (Hello Cat) – I’ve been following  Cat for years, literal years. We knew each other back in the day when I did fashion/lifestyle blogging around 5 years ago! She was much better at keeping up with posting than me (as you can tell) and her blog is definitely worth a read!
  9. Bethan (Wanderlust Bee) – Oh my god, Bethan’s recent posts about her trip to Asia have got me thinking whether South America will be my next continent conquest – amazing photos and writing!
  10. May (The Little Blonde Backpacker) – May has just got back from an interrailling trip around Europe and I can not wait to read about it!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and all thoughts are my own.

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Comments (2)

So lovely to read more about you!! First, how exciting that you are almost done with your qualification! Any big travel plans to celebrate? My boyfriend is doing something similar with accountancy and I know it’s unbelievably hard to be studying and working simultaneously! Also, bad news on the fish front…I think the only solution is immersion therapy (I also have an irrational fear…of bees)…but I would avoid that therapy like the plague lol. AND soz about the fainting but LOL ME TOO. You remember my dramatic stress-head post about the mega-commute? I actually fainted on my first day at work!! But it’s super super scary and also just annoying to be like…well, I might be going down now, and I might not. So I get that struggle!

I’m starting to believe we were separated at birth Haha!

There’s currently talks with my boss to get a few months off work when I’m fully qualified and I’ll hopefully be trekking South America (I’m now sitting in my house squealing at the thought again). Good luck to your boyfriend too!!

NU UH. You ain’t getting me anywhere near the fish. I’ll stay in fear forever hahahah.

I’ve never met anyone with the same fainting issue!! I’ve never felt excited about my fainting fun before hahaha!

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