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A trip to Canada would be great for you if you love:

  1. Outdoor adventures
  2. Stunning scenery
  3. Trendy cities
  4. Ridiculously friendly people

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Canada is huge, so it’s unlikely that you will get to see EVERYWHERE in one trip – unless you’re very lucky! The provinces of Canada and some popular cities in each are as follows (in order of population):

  1. Ontario – Toronto, Niagara
  2. Quebec – Quebec City, Montreal
  3. British Columbia – Vancouver, Victoria
  4. Alberta – Edmonton,  Calgary
  5. Manitoba – Winnipeg
  6. Saskatchewan – Regina, Saskatoon
  7. Nova Scotia – Halifax
  8. New Brunswick – Fredericton, Saint John
  9. Newfoundland and Labrador – St. John’s
  10. Prince Edward Island – Charlottetown 

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